Our NY Farm Hamlet Home

We did this site for the last home we owned in New York. It sold in less than one week to a family who found it on Craigslist. At Christmas, a time of the year when far fewer people are out looking for a new house...

One of the new owners-to-be couldn't stay off of the WordsEyeTour so they made an appointment to see it and made a full price offer when they did.

Front of House

Built in 1934, this home was one of the classic styles of the day, and had been popular for many years by then.

Somebody was doing well enough in the 30s (Depression era, at that) to upgrade Stairs to Front Doortheir lifestyle, discarding the little red cottage-(now)barn there on the road for this little gem. But after awhile, it wasn't the gem it could have been for a lot of years, as a succession of owners added layer over layer of paint onto the Craftsman style wood trim, window frames, and elsewhere--covering what gives the home a lot of it's fundamental character.

...But now for you, two recent owners went through the lengthy and tedious work to strip and re-finish the chestnut woodwork to bring the home back to it's originally intended character

It's an affordable arts-and-crafts home. Substantial varietal wood throughout, built-ins, and general shape of construction provide for a very practical layout, and enough Craftsman personality to satisfy fans of the style who don't want to pay through the nose to get it. The right bones fortunately were put into this house and now they are naturally finished for you to enjoy.

Significant Improvements:

In 2007 the original bathroom was mercifully gutted and laid to rest in a dumpster--replaced with a bath and a new lavatory worth living with as the photos will show.

To compliment the first floor and second floor hallway wood restoration work a Bathroomprevious owner completed, the bedroom windows and doors have also been restored as well. Finally, in 2013 the old roof(s) were removed and a new 30 year roof went up.

...include an entirely new, oversized and relocated septic system built in 2006, replacing the original one that had failed. If you are looking at rural houses built before the 80s, understand that you may be buying an older septicA new septic system system--which could be a real problem that you can't see, and how to know is discovered using a specific septic inspection (and your nose can be a dead giveaway too). If you are not familiar with them you will want to read up on it. The newly installed septic was sized so that a future owner could do a bedroom addition and have septic capacity already there for it.

The porch across the front of theFront Porch home is over six feet deep and is large enough to seat 12 or more for a barbeque surprised by a summer storm. It's a great place for coffee and the morning news or an afternoon beer talking to the neighbors walking by. Weekend mornings see several bicycle clubs out for their rides, a good clue on the vibe around here as this hamlet lane is travel-grade picturesque.

The front door opens into the living room. Oak hardwood floor at your feet, and surrounded by chestnut baseboard, picture rail, French doors into the dining room with yet more of the same. Front door view inSurrounded by 3-over-1 windows on the first floor, you'll have a 360 degree view to all that is around your home, and with the border of gardens, large yard, no longer used farm road below to the barns and then the farmland beyond. It is an all American view.

The eat-in country kitchen with walk-in pantry and stainless appliances will care for all your culinary needs. There is plenty of room for storage, but if you want more, the pantry annex is just down the stairs to the right of the range in the 700 SF basement--again, more than enough storage space.Kitchen and Pantry Fundraisers we catered were prepared here. Main dishes, appetizers, desserts, and...ALL of the beer were made right here in this kitchen for all of the events held in a local Historic Tavern That is the side porch entry to the right of the refrigerator (which will very likely be your main entry because of the coat-closet in the pantry and besides, nobody around here goes to the front door except for people you don't know).

At the top of the chestnut staircase are the new bathrooms, (photo above) the full bath to the right, with the half-bath/lavatory just to the left. The original single bathroom, which we can't resist showing you here...it is hard to imagine that everyone lived for so many years with that scary looking bathroom, but the $25,000 price tag for replacement may have been a factor. Foot-square tiles on the floor, six-inch tiles up 44 inches on the walls, and 84 around the glass-door shower-bath. For most practical purposes, this two bathroom addition re-plumbed the house.

Across from the lavatory is the guest Guest Bedroom bedroom. That is a queen size bed in the photo, to give you a perspective on the size of the room. The closet doubles as the stairwell up to the attic. A child would really love this as a bedroom for that 'private' attic... Pale blue walls, white baseboard and picture rail, a cream colored ceiling and wood restored windows and doors.

All bedroom and hall floors are full-contrast narrow board fir pine you can see in this bedroom photo.

A room at the end of the hall is now being used for an office, so a cute little arrangement was photographed so you can see the room without all the clutter of wires, keyboards, printers and monitors Third Bedroomyou'll see when you visit. It is 10 X 11 with a good sized closet. Pale green walls with white baseboard and picture rail, the same cream colored ceiling (all three bedrooms have this ceiling color as it subtly compliments the wall paint and contrasts nicely with the white trim). Restored wood windows and doors.

Across the hall is the primary bedroom, which is 13 X 11 with plenty of room for the king sized bed and oversize dresser shown in the photo below. The closet in this room is a fairly nice one, but may not be enough for the household of a clothes-horse, so the closet at the end hall just outside the door backs up the Primary Bedroom Window Viewcloset in the room and works nicely for overflow. Good thing it was built this way as it leaves all that wall space for the oversize dresser instead of having a closet door there... Pale brown walls with white trim and...ceiling--just like the other rooms. News to clothes-horse: you don't wear those clothes all year, and you have a rather large attic to move all the bulky off-season items to, which was how they did things back in the day...

You will note that there are no BOLDPrimary Bedroom, Door view colors anywhere in the house. If you want it bold, you will likely want to choose specific colors and will need to do that bit yourself. What you will get with this house is a relatively easy place to change colors. Any of these pale surfaces will essentially be a neutral primer for you to paint over. All surfaces, inside and out, everywhere--now are covered by water based paint, so just use w/b paint and you're good to go.

Below is a full cement-floor 700 square foot basement with patio-level walkout.

The best yard on the road

Traffic slows in front of our house because of Shelly's plantings... Some would say that the farm 3 doors down with a VERY large lawn is better than this one, and there would be some agreement by us. But that yard is just grass, wonderful grass at that, and acres of it--much worthy of a barefoot walk. That farm has hosted some wonderful fundraisers and civic events. The Local Arts Council used to have their summer concerts there, and their setting is just plain magical. With a stage set out in the middle of a vast stretch of farmland, those concerts --right around sunset-- were the place to be during Julys past when they had them. Sadly, the Council lost their funding and the concerts are no more. For now anyway... Hopefully they return soon, and when they do you will be able to carry a picnic Farm View over BBQdinner three doors down to a wonderful evening event.

But the back yard you are about to buy is as good, and better in ways you'll appreciate. You won't have the public coming to your parties, and there is plenty of room for all of your friends to come and camp for the weekend, if you are into to that sort of thing. The trees across the rear of the residential part of the property will shade the entire yard in the summer from 3 - 4 o'clock all summer long.

The garden beds surrounding the house, and on the road in front of the barn, are populated with perennial plants. That means they will come up every year all by themselves. Nearly all of them are flowering, so there will be flowers somewhere over the entire growing season, ending just before Thanksgiving when the first extended frost comes. You can do zero maintenance and get beautiful plants with a ton of flowers, and if you want to get into it you will get a boatload (or two) more... Every time the sellers see the owners of the house they sold in 2005 they hear (again...) about how "all this beautiful stuff just keeps coming up every year!!" That's the big WHY for planting perennials.

Outbuildings and farmland

The cinder-block barn is a rather solidly built structure with enough space for two large vehicles. The two roll-up doorsFarmland on the cement floored left half will allow for some pretty tall ones at that, dimensions over on the right column of this site. This is essentially a commercial vehicle garage. It has a large loft overhead accessed via stairway. The right half is a large dirt floor space--after all this was once an onion farm probably into the 60s/70s.

The other barn--the one in the center of the property, is actually a log structure--which you'll see when you go inside--and is probably the original barn on the property. It was sided at some point in it's past and was a stable long ago when the farm was animal powered. It has not been used for a number of years.

The two growing beds (~4.5 ac) directly behind the extended yard go with the property--with the property line, and the Warwick line there at the ditch at the other end of the bed. The flooding that happened as a result of Irene and Sandy did not come anywhere close to this land, and the owners have not needed to purchase flood insurance. The farmland can help keep the taxes low if you want to get on top of it...

You've read this far so it is likely that you'll want to come see if all the stuff said here is true. It is, but you will need to see it for yourself, now won't you?.

Schedule a private showing with the sellers, Shelly and David via TEXT or Voice 845-629-4878

LOCATION: Should you need to commute to New York City, the drive time to the George is around 60 minutes. The nearby Metro North Station in Harriman, for the Port Jervis Line, is 20 minutes away.

Multiple grocery stores can be found in nearby Warwick, Chester, and Middletown. And during the growing months you'll find some of the best farm markets and farm stands in the area including the farmstand only three doors down--a multi-purpose neighbor around here. Numerous orchards are just down the road. This is rural living, to be sure, but by no means is it isolated. We are serviced here by some fine restaurants (one just walking distance away) tucked into the surrounding hamlets which are a 10 minutes drive and are full of grocery, hardware, drug store, restaurants and bars. A favorite local hangout is a giant farmstand venue with great food and a microbrew and wine bar built of an old apple grading conveyor--and live music too... Your favorite national chain restaurant can be found just 20 minutes away.



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